We all want FAST access to the world wide web, we all want to be able to communicate GLOBALLY, we all want reliable service and we all want to do it as economically as possible, right?

LAST MOBILE BILL agrees and our SIM CARD is the answer to everyone’s mobile communication dreams. We are breaking boundaries, trailblazing new trends, introducing new INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY and most importantly giving communication freedom back to the masses by doing away with contracts and fess.

Unlimited talk, text and data*

With this SIM card you will have FREE unlimited talk, text, data and mobile hotspot.

Use on any unlocked device

Compatible with any 2016 and newer unlocked GSM phone or tablet utulizes SIM card technology running on 4G LTE bands.

No more contracts or credit checks

One flat rate for 5 full years, no hidden fees, no contracts, no credit checks, no worries.